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6 Dancers/Choreographers wanted for Experimental Fashion Films

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6 Dancers/Choreographers wanted for Experimental Fashion Films
by Joanna Gray - Thursday, 15 February 2018, 2:48 PM

I am currently completing my Master's in Fashion Criticism at University of the Arts London, and am creating a series of short experimental fashion films, which aim to address the relationship we share with clothing. 


I am interested in using the body as the medium of storytelling, and would like to use dancers to personify three different materials:  Leather,  Silk and the last TBC. The aim is to convey through movement and the body the different sensations we experience when wearing these different forms of materials, whether pleasure, pain etc. 


The dates for shooting would occur on three separate dates, the first being next Sunday (may change if students need more time to prepare) and then March 4th, March 25th, and possibly April 1st


It may be that these vary by one day depending on when the videographer is free - i.e either on Saturday or Sunday’s, but these are more or less the dates. 


It would be great to know if would be interested in working alongside myself on this project.


Thanks so much. 


Looking forward to hearing back from you, and please do not hesitate to contact me for any other questions, 


Jasmine Bee Emily Boni-Ball