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3 Min Film

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3 Min Film
by Bethany Holdaway - Friday, 2 February 2018, 9:59 AM

I’m a filmmaker and have been selected to make a 3 min film for a competition sponsored by Directors UK and ARRI Cameras (I’m 1 of 5 projects selected). We will all make a 3 min film which has to be made in 3 days and there’s one winner.  I was selected 2 years ago and you can see that film in my signature below - SAVE ME premiered at the Sheffield Doc Fest in 2016.

This time around my film is about the millennial generation and how robots/automation is making a lot of jobs obsolete for humans and that we should be looking towards a Universal Basic Income and thinking about how the free time gained will ultimately lead to more fulfilling, creative lives. Obviously this is a lot to put in 3 min film but I hope it will springboard funding for a longer doc about the UBI. I’m looking for 2- 3 millennial aged people one of which I’d like to be a dancer. 

Interview questions:

1. What made you become an dancer?

2. Do they think AI will make your work obsolete in the future?

3. What will you do if this happens?

Filming will take about an hour max with just me, an assistant and one camera - no lights/or big set up. The actual interview on camera would be 10 mins and the rest of the time will be filming general views of the dancer at work - warming up, dancing, GV’s etc. Ideally I’d like to film in a dance studio environment (for the visual sense).

I have to film very soon (ideally Feb 13th) - one of the competition stipulations - and the dancer and company will be credited of course. There’s no budget I’m afraid - we are all making our films off our own backs.

Best wishes,