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Paid Performance Opportunity - 2nd Feb - Somerset House

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Paid Performance Opportunity - 2nd Feb - Somerset House
by Joanna Gray - Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 3:32 PM

Please see below details and act quick if you are interested!...


The event is for the 2nd of February from 18:00-20:00, in two days time. I am unsure if this is enough time for the students to prepare a short choreography routine but who knows!


The event is a launch party to celebrate the tickets going on sale for our TEDxCourtauldInstitute Conference happening on the 11th of March 2018.


We are hosting this casual drinks party in the foyer of the Courtauld Institute of Art in Somerset house. This is a beautiful venue in our iconic building that was the original site of the Royal Academy. After the performance students will be welcome to join our guests.


We were hoping that one or more students would be interested in doing a quick dance performance to open our event for the sum of £40 for a 3 minute-long performance. We would pay for transport and have a sound system at the ready for their use. Again, with timing I am not sure if this is still possible. The event (and performance) will be filmed and posted on our social media. Our speakers will share those posts. This is a huge media opportunity as we have speakers from Amnesty International (124k following) doctors without borders (436k following) and individuals with up to 10k following.


Students can see the lineup of our event and speakers on our website and our Instagram tedxcourtauld.


I can be reached by email ( and mobile (07833982672)


Best wishes,

Alix Roché (Director of TEDxCourtauldInstitute) 07833982671


Alix Roché

The Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 0RN