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CDD Video Links
by Bethany Holdaway - Thursday, 29 June 2017, 10:12 AM

Footage from CDD events is now available for students via a Vimeo sub-site. All films are uploaded privately but a single password will access the site.


Student Site

password: cddstudent


Any future CDD footage will be added to the same sites so everything is accessible in one place.


The list of films currently available is:


  • Interdisciplinary Intensive Highlights (student-made film from the 2-day student intensive at NSCD, July 2016)
  • Student Seminar with NSCD graduate company Gracefool Collective (The Place, November 2016)
  • Industry Panel Discussion with Vicki Amedume, Lea Anderson, Amin Farid, Maria Ferguson, Martin Hargreaves (Student Conference, The Place, February 2016)
  • CDD Scratch Night performance (NSCD, December 2015)