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BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellowship

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BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellowship
by School Admin - Wednesday, 25 June 2014, 11:47 AM

Deadline: 5pm on 11 July 2014

Independent Dance is inviting proposals from emerging artists towards a Fellowship funded by the BBC Performing Arts Fund.


The Fellowship


In 2011 ID hosted Janine Harrington as a Performing Arts Fellow to support her development as a choreographer and enable her to focus on establishing the next steps in her career.


“The strength of the BBC PAF Fellowship scheme is that you work together with your host organisation to create a bespoke package of support, depending on what you need and what can be offered. What ID supports well is a climate of independent research, and sign-posting routes for further development.” Janine Harrington


Having witnessed the value and benefit this fund offers to an individual, ID intends to once again submit an application to the Performing Arts Fund Fellowship programme.
We are seeking to widen our networks through this project by identifying emerging artists who are new to ID or who wish to develop a new relationship with the organisation. We encourage applications from professional able-bodied and disabled dance artists currently practicing in London.


The Fellowship with ID will be an opportunity for an individual to concentrate on their choreographic and career development with the support and resources of an organisation with which they share an ethos.


The successful applicant will work with ID to create a unique application to PAF. They will input directly into developing the shape, content and impact of the Fellowship and identify why it would make a difference to them at this time.
The £8,000 allocated to the artist will be mainly directed towards living costs such as per diems, travel, and accommodation, with some of the budget dedicated to artistic mentoring, space hire, and training.
Additionally, the successful fellow will have unlimited free access to ID’s regular programme of classes and talks throughout the year, with reduced rates to our workshops. You will also receive advice and support from the ID team and advisory group on various aspects of producing and promoting your work, as well as input and guidance to prepare a Gfta funding application if required.

The Fellowship is a rare opportunity to develop your existing skills as a maker through the time it provides for reflection, studio research, mentorship, production advice, training, widening of existing networks and raising of your profile. The BBC Performing Arts Fund aims to be ‘the bridge between emerging artist and recognised talent’.


Please check below the criteria of the PAF Fellowship
before you continue:

  • A Fellow must be resident in the UK for a minimum of 3 years and be able to demonstrate this.
  • A Fellow must be aged 18 or over on 1st May 2014.
  • A Fellow must have the right to work in the UK.
  • A Fellow must have good written and spoken English.
  • A Fellow must not have already undertaken any paid work in any capacity for the Organisation.

We are looking for an applicant who:

  • Has a good reputation within the circle they are known in, but needs to widen this network in order to gain larger opportunities that will impact their career significantly.
  • Can identify the area in which they wish to work and have a clear idea of where they wish their career to go in the longer term.
  • Has already begun developing skills making work and creating opportunities for themselves. This may not be a large body of work or professional credit but they have made significant achievements towards this goal.

Seeks to develop a new relationship with ID. Through this project ID hopes to develop and widen its existing networks.

For more info and to apply go to: