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Music/Composition Collaboration Opportunity

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Music/Composition Collaboration Opportunity
by School Admin - Wednesday, 25 June 2014, 11:13 AM

I'm writing to enquire about writing music for / collaborating with students with projects or forthcoming shows. I am a freelance songwriter and composer with a passion for dance and physical theatre and wish to focus my music writing in this field.

My previous composing experience include circus duo Collectif & Then - boat cabaret season 2012 on London's Regents Canal, Greenwich Dance Agency, and GOlive Dance and Performance Festival 2013.

I write across a range of styles and genre including song, soundscapes, orchestral arrangements and jazz. I play piano, guitar, saxophone and drums. As a drummer and percussionist I write music propelled by driving rhythms and cross rhythms (Afro-beat & Latin American). 

Many thanks,

Louise Havell


07791 880 875